January 10, 2024

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Watch: Viral video of woman eating rice with hands sparks online debate | Trending News

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A video of a woman enjoying a traditional meal using her hands has gone viral, triggering a wave of online debates, trolling, and, surprisingly, an outpouring of support from netizens defending cultural practices.

The video, shared by @jusbdonthate on X, features a woman savouring a plate of rice using her hands, showcasing a practice deeply rooted in many cultures around the world.

User @jusbdonthate captioned the video, “Y’all, why this lady sat next to me eating with her damn hands? In a nasty airport.”

The thread continued as the user kept on trolling and posting negative comments, expressing their disapproval and questioning the woman’s choice of eating without utensils.

Watch the video below:

While such a dining style may be considered common in some regions, the video quickly became the focal point of divisive discussions on cultural norms, etiquette, and the appropriateness of certain practices in the modern age.

However, amidst the trolling, a significant number of netizens emerged to defend the woman’s right to embrace her cultural practices. Many argued that the act of eating with one’s hands has deep cultural significance and should be respected rather than ridiculed. Supporters emphasised the importance of appreciating diverse traditions and condemned the judgmental nature of the criticism.

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One of them wrote, “If it was an American having fries you wouldn’t bat an eye. It’s not like she’s sharing it with you either, it’s her own portion and how she culturally does things and it’s less wasteful in terms of cutlery. You’re the weirdo for filming a random person in an airport.”

Another replied, “Some certain cultures eat food with their hands.” A third added, “Pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, chips, popcorn…etc. are all foods eaten by hand. You’re just biased.”

A fourth said, “If you don’t like it, you should have just mind your business than filming her invading her privacy! It’s our culture, we respect our food, you are being ridiculous.”

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