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Want to ‘hide’ your ChatGPT chats? Here’s how to do it without deleting | Technology News

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ChatGPT is a fun and engaging way to chat with an AI-powered assistant that can generate creative and innovative content for you. However, you may not want others to see what you are chatting about, especially if you are using ChatGPT for personal or sensitive topics.

Deleting your chats or disabling your chat history may seem like the only options, but they are not. OpenAI has a handy feature that allows you to hide your conversations from the main screen without losing them. Here is how you can use it.

How to hide ChatGPT chats on the web

If you are using ChatGPT on the web, you can easily archive any chat that you want to hide from the sidebar. Archiving a chat will remove it from the main screen, but it will not delete it from your account. You can still access it later from the settings menu. To archive a chat, follow these steps:

– Scroll over to the chat that you want to hide from the sidebar.
– Click on the ellipsis (…) button next to the chat name.
– Select Archive chat from the menu that appears.

The chat will then vanish from the sidebar. You can repeat this process for any other chat that you want to hide.

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How to hide ChatGPT chats on your iPhone

If you are using ChatGPT on your iPhone, you can also archive your chats using the same feature. However, this feature is currently only available for iOS users. OpenAI has announced on X (formerly Twitter) that they will soon bring it to Android as well. To archive a chat on your iPhone, do this:

– Swipe left on the chat that you want to hide from the sidebar.
– Tap on the Archive button that shows up.
– The chat will disappear from the sidebar. You will not be able to find it by searching for it from the sidebar.

How to view archived ChatGPT chats

If you want to view or unarchive a chat that you have hidden, you can do so from the settings menu on the web. Here is how:

– Click on your OpenAI account name in the bottom-left corner of the ChatGPT page.
– Select Settings from the menu that pops up.
– Click on Manage next to Archived chats.
– You will see a list of all your archived chats. To view a chat, just click on its name. To unarchive a chat, click on the Unarchive conversation button (next to the Trash icon).

The steps to access your archived chats on mobile are pretty similar as well. You can find them under the app’s settings menu.

That said, hiding your ChatGPT conversations is a simple and convenient way to keep them private without deleting them or turning off your chat history. However, you can only hide one chat at a time, so if you have many chats that you want to hide, you will have to do it individually.

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