January 28, 2024

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Under a thousand: The charging speed checker | Technology News

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In December, this column featured a Type-C to Type-C cable that showed the speed at which your device is being charged. While this was great for checking charging speeds, one thing annoyed some readers – the fact that one had to carry the whole cable along to check the speed. Well, there are gadgets that can let you get up to speed with charging speed (pun so intended), without your having to invest in a cable. These are the USB adapters with displays. And they are super affordable too. One of the best of the lot is the Verilux USB Type-C to USB  Type-C, which is often available for about Rs 700.

Verilux USB-C The body of the Verilux is made out of metal (Express Photo)

Tiny but well-made

The adapter is tiny in size and very light – about 4 centimetres long and 10 grams in weight. In fact, it is so small that we think the brand should have perhaps given us the option to attach it to a keychain, as the chances of losing it are rather high. Unlike some of the other similar gizmos in the market, this one is very solidly built. It is made of zinc alloy and has a reassuring feel to it. In terms of design, it is very simply made – with one side having a male USB Type-C and the other a female one. The adapter has a slightly textured feel, thanks to a tiny striped pattern on it, and on top of it is a tiny display which shows the charging speed. 

Verilux markets the adapter as a device which can add a few centimetres to your charging cable and also as an accessory that can provide a prominent and stable Type C port to a device, especially one whose Type C port is recessed (as is the case with some notebooks and phones), but we think that it is the display of charging speed that makes the adapter special. 

Verilux USB-C Charging a MacBook using Verilux (Express Photo)

Transfer data, charge devices and check charging speed too 

Festive offer

And it works quite well too. Verilux says that the adapter can support up to 100W charging and up to 480 Mbps of data transfer across different platforms. We plugged it into a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, an iPhone 15 Pro Max, an iPad Air, a MacBook Air and a Xiaomi Windows Notebook and it worked seamlessly with all of them. There was no need to download any drivers to make it work with either Mac or Windows and no app was needed for iOS and Android. 

The adapter plugged very snugly – although it often needed an additional push – into all the devices we tested it with, and connected without any problems with USB Type C cables, which again fit well into it – we never felt that the connection was shaky. Impressively, data transfer and charging worked fine through it. However, the REAL USP of this tiny gadget in our book is its ability to show charging speed. It does so with reasonable accuracy, displaying changing charging speeds (no device charges at exactly the same speed for the charging duration) even for devices with special charging systems such as the OnePlus 12 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+. It has to be noted that it can show a charging speed of up to 100W only. Our Redmi Note 13 Pro+ charges at 120W but the adapter could only show a maximum of 100W. That is, however, a restriction we had encountered in the charging cable we had covered in this column too. We did not encounter any heating or connectivity issues in our one week of using the adapter. 

Verilux USB-C It can also show the smartphone charging speed (Express Photo)

Tiny and great for charging speed checkers

It is a very handy Type-C connection extender (albeit only by a few centimetres) and although it only works with devices with USB Type-C ports and with Type-C cables, given how popular the Type-C standard is (even the iPhone has a Type-C port), we do not think that is a deal breaker. In a perfect world, we would have perhaps liked one more Type-C port on the adapter, allowing us to connect multiple devices through it, but we were told that this would affect the adapter’s ability to measure and display charging speed. 

And its ability to act as a charging speedometer is what makes this little Verilux gadget really useful, especially for the geeky folks who love to keep tabs on how fast their device is charging, and do not want to carry an entire cable around for the purpose. It is well-built and at about Rs 700, is very decent value for money for those obsessive about charging speeds. Just remember where you keep it – this tiny wonder can easily get lost! 

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