January 9, 2024

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Pune civic body’s new schemes for transgender persons: Vocational training, aid for healthcare, self-employment | Pune News

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to launch exclusive welfare schemes for transgender persons to facilitate and support their livelihood. This includes a monthly assistance of Rs 1,000 for healthcare for those over 45 years.

The civic body has already roped in transgender persons as security guards in its offices through private contractors. “This is the first time the PMC is launching exclusive welfare schemes for transgender persons in the city. We will involve organisations working for transgender persons,” said Nitin Udas, in charge of the civic body’s social welfare department.

Five welfare schemes are being launched for transgender persons in the city. This includes vocational training for those in the 18-45 age group who have been residing in Pune for at least three years. As per another scheme, a resident transgender person will be given a one-time assistance of Rs 10,000 for self-employment.

“Resident transgender persons who are over 45 years will be given Rs 1,000 per month for healthcare. They will have to submit a life certificate to the PMC every January to continue availing of the benefit,” Udas said.

The civic body will also encourage transgender persons to start self-help groups and will provide a one-time funding of Rs 15,000 six months after its formation, he said, adding, “The PMC is planning shelter homes for transgender persons in the city.”

Festive offer

Around 250 transgender persons have registered with the civic body and the PMC is carrying out an awareness drive among them by holding meetings. “A large number of transgender persons are apprehensive about registering themselves with the PMC. Also, they migrate frequently and are a closed community,” Udas said, pointing out that if they are made self-reliant they will be able to stop begging or earn through wrong means.

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