January 18, 2024

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Orry blames Boney Kapoor for his fame, reveals he’s hired three doppelgangers to fill in for him: ‘You’ll think it’s me, but it’s not’ | Bollywood News

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Internet sensation Orry looked back on his meteoric rise to fame, and said that everybody should blame none other than film producer Boney Kapoor for it. Orry is close friends with Boney’s daughters, actors Khushi and Janhvi Kapoor, whom he described as his sister and guru, respectively. Appearing on the season eight finale of Koffee with Karan, Orry opened up about his fame, and how he plans on circumventing any loss of relevance.

He said that he is able to be ‘omnipresent’ because he actually has three doppelgangers that he deploys to hold the fort at events until he arrives himself. He said, “I am everywhere, and I take great pride in being Orry the omnipresent. But sometimes, people forget that I’m not actually a mystical creature, and I can’t actually be everywhere. So, we do have the lookalikes that have to be sent out to hold the fort until I arrive. So, there will be an Orry lookalike who’ll be at the event, and you’ll think it’s me for the first 20 minutes, till I actually get from Nariman Point to BKC… We all wear the same outfit, we have the same look. They just won’t talk, because the minute they talk, it goes away.”

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Asked if he remembers the first time he felt famous, Orry said that it was Boney Kapoor, whose name he kept pronouncing as ‘Bonnie’, who first introduced him to the Mumbai paparazzi. Orry joked that he probably owes him a cheque now, considering how lucrative his brand has become. He said, “If you want to blame someone, blame Boney Kapoor. Blame him. Because the first time I got the limelight, it was his fault. I was attending his daughter’s birthday, and when I entered the gate, the media was like, click, click, click… And Boney uncle, being the gentleman that he is, had come down to receive me.”

Orry continued, “I was so shy, I was shaking. I told him, ‘Boney uncle, they were calling my name’. And he was like, ‘Did you pose?’ And I said I didn’t. He grabbed me by the wrist and flung me in front of the media, and said, ‘Yeh Orry hai, iska photo lo, yeh mera bachcha hai (This is Orry, he’s like my son, take his picture)’. The match was always there, and so was the gunpowder, and Boney just lit it. And now I’m on Koffee, so I should write him a cheque.” Karan joked that Boney would probably like it.

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