January 15, 2024

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‘Jungle tax’: Watch these elephants in South Africa pull off a juicy heist | Trending News

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Move over Ocean’s Eleven, because there is a new gang in town and they have trunks – literally. In a plot twist that could give Hollywood a run for its money, a group of elephants has left the internet amused as they made the best of a zesty opportunity.

The caper unfolded on a remote road in South Africa where a truck carrying a load of succulent oranges suffered a breakdown. Before long a herd of elephants descended and managed to help themselves to a citrusy feast.

As the jumbos calmly relished the oranges, the drivers were seen trying to fix the broken-down truck.

Watch the video below:

The video on Instagram quickly went viral with memes and comments. Soon, netizens marvelled at the elephants’ audacity and even joked about the animals summoning Uber Eats. “That truck didn’t break down. The elephants sabotaged it. It was all part of the plan,” said one playful comment.

“It’s not robbing. It’s jungle tax that they’re collecting,” a user said, while another observed, “There are multiple stories on the Internet of elephants extorting ransom on delivery routes”.

“You say rob, I say they were lightening the load so the truck wouldn’t breakdown again,” said a user. Clearly the crowd was in favour of the wild animals.

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Just another day in the world of wildlife crime, where the culprits have trunks and the loot is juicy and vitamin-packed.

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