January 16, 2024

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Jarange: Heard of plans to sabotage our march to Mumbai, create trouble | Pune News

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Maratha activist Manoj Jarange Patil on Tuesday alleged that there is a possibility that attempts may be made to sabotage his march that he would take out from Antarwali Saraati to Mumbai on January 26 to press for Maratha reservation.

The Maratha activist made this allegation before a delegation of the state government was to meet him with a draft of his demands, including that all relatives of members of the Maratha community should be given the Kunbi certificate. The delegation requested him to withdraw his hunger strike as well as drop his plan to march to Mumbai.

”I have heard that there is a plan to sabotage our march from Antarwali-Saraati to Mumbai. There might be a plan to infiltrate some people in our march and create trouble. The government is also trying to trap me in a verbal duel,” said Jarange Patil in Antarwali-Saraati on Tuesday.

Stating that his team was now on alert mode, Jarange-Patil said, ”I have received information from the government officials that there will be an attempt to create trouble…I have told my volunteers to remain alert. I have told them to keep a close watch and check for people who try to trigger violence during our agitation.”

The Maratha activist said some ministers from the state government met him on Monday night. ”I have heard that some opposed reservation for Maratha community. I am trying to verify it.”

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