January 31, 2024

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Indian artist’s laptop art on Roman street earns praise from social media | Trending News

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An Indian artist has turned heads and garnered praise after spray painting a laptop on the streets of Rome. The video of this unconventional artwork has gone viral, showcasing the artist’s creativity.

The artist, whose identity remains undisclosed, sits on a footpath, armed with spray paint cans and a vision to transform a mundane laptop into a piece of art.

The video clip captures the mesmerising process as the artist skillfully applies layers of vibrant colours, turning the once ordinary electronic device into a canvas for self-expression. Shared by @HebbarSubraya1 on social media platform X, it delves into the entire process of how he creates the scenic painting on the laptop.

Watch the video below:

The passers-by were also captivated as they stopped to witness the transformation and express their admiration for the artist’s creativity. Many viewers have praised the artist for pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the conventional art world, breaking free from the confines of traditional canvases and galleries.

Some have even drawn parallels to the broader theme of repurposing and recycling in the age of technology, while others questioned the practicality of spray painting a functional laptop.

One user wrote, “Dude, just get a sticker. Why risk having a flame close to your expensive device? Although it may work but the heat affects the glue which holds the inner circuits together as well the weather sealing around the edges.”

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Another added, “That is some talent!” A third user completely in awe of the art, stated, “Amazing talent.”

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