January 15, 2024

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‘If Orry writes a book about ‘How to Make Friends in Bollywood’, I will buy it’: Twinkle Khanna on influencer who doesn’t ‘sing, dance or play cricket’ | Bollywood News

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Actor-turned-author Twinkle Khanna has hopped on the ‘Orry’ bandwagon and has said that she is fascinated by the social influencer.  Also known as ‘Bollywood’s BFF’ Orry is often spotted partying and hanging out with celebs like Janhavi Kapoor, Nysa Devgn and Ananya Panday among others. Twinkle mentioned that Orry has become a part of our  zeitgeist by attending parties and posing with his famous friends.

In her Times of India column, Twinkle made a list of ‘feasible’ resolutions for 2024. Twinkle’s last resolution drew parallels between the movie Finding Nemo and Orry, suggesting, “If you can’t follow Dory, then be an Orry.” Twinkle highlighted the importance of knowing your strengths and making the most of them. She gave the example of Orry and said that despite not engaging in a clearly stated profession, he has become a cultural icon by attending parties and hanging out with famous friends

Twinkle expressed her fascination, sharing an incident where senior journalists jokingly called each other the ‘Orry of poor people’ and the ‘Orry of intellectuals’ on a podcast. She also said that if Orry were to write a book on making friends and influencing people in Bollywood, she’d be the first to buy it.

She wrote how Orry is not an actor or a businessman, explaining he ‘doesn’t dance, sing, produce oil, coal or steel. He doesn’t fight elections or play cricket’. Twinkle said that Orry is known for going to parties and striking a pose with his famous friends. However, everyone is fascinated with Orry at present, including the above mentioned joiurnalists. Given that he has captured the zeitgeist, she said if Orry wrote a book called, ‘How to Make Friends and Influence People in Bollywood’, she would absolutely buy it.

Orry had previously opened up about how his one picture with Kylie Jenner put him on the map. He told Cosmopolitan, “I wouldn’t really say I’m friends with anyone in the ‘film industry’-the people I’m friends with are actually my peers. We’re the same age; we all went to school and college at similar times. If you say one picture with a celebrity that grabbed people’s attention, then yeah, I went to Kylie Jenner’s house for my birthday and we put up a picture together, and that put me on the map.”

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