January 12, 2024

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Constable suspended for going to Delhi with a ‘VIP’ without informing his superiors | Mumbai News

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The Mumbai Police early this week suspended a police constable from the protection and security branch after he was found guilty of dereliction of duty as he allegedly went to Delhi by flight with a ‘very important person’, a protectee, without seeking any prior permission from his superiors. The officials said the inquiry was initiated after the incident came to light following which a decision to suspend him was taken.

According to police officials, the constable has been identified as Mahesh Maruti Alwane and he is posted in the P3 unit of the protection and security branch of the Mumbai Police.

As per the suspension order, the constable was on reserve duty from December 6 to 9, which means he was not appointed as a security personnel of any VIP.

“During that period, he was supposed to report to the office of protection and security in south Mumbai. However, he did not present himself at the office and instead switched off his mobile phone and went to Delhi,” said an officer.

It appears that Alwane had worked as a security personnel of the protectee before and as the VIP asked him to accompany, he went to Delhi without informing anyone.

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On the other hand, an officer said, “Even if any constable is appointed as a security personnel of any VIP, even then they are not supposed to leave the city limits without seeking any prior permission from their reporting official.”

The officials said that an inquiry was initiated by the senior authorities from the department as the constable had disappeared without informing anyone after which it came to light that he had gone to Delhi with a VIP by flight, with whom he was not appointed as a security personnel.

“His act was considered unruly and illegal due to which an inquiry was initiated. Also, as he was found guilty and irresponsible, a decision was taken to suspend him from the police force,” said a senior police official.

Accordingly, a suspension order was issued on Tuesday.

An officer said, “We are also checking whether there is any monetary benefits involved, while further course of action will be decided after a detailed inquiry into the incident.”

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