November 20, 2023

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Bing Search results now shows AI generated webpage summaries and snippets | Technology News

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While Microsoft may be done rebranding Bing Chat to Copilot, the tech giant is still rolling out new features to its Bing Search. The Redmond-based tech giant recently added another AI-powered feature called ‘Generative Captions’ that lets users get concise information about individual web pages.

In a blog post, Microsoft said ‘Generative Captions’ are powered by OpenAI’s latest LLM – GPT 4 and works by analysing search queries, extracting information from a webpage and presenting them in what it calls ‘easily digestible snippets. It can also offer AI-generated summaries of web pages.

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As it turns out, Generative Captions will be different for every query made and might even generate unique snippets depending on what the user is looking for. Microsoft also said that the feature may not reflect the exact words used on the web page because Bing uses a mixture of signals and techniques to generate these captions.

Microsoft says website owners will be able to opt out of Generative Captions using the NOCACHE and NOARCHIVE tags, but this is something they might have to do manually. The tech giant also introduced some new features to its ‘Bing Webmaster’ tools, allowing website owners to see how much traffic they are getting from search queries and Bing Chat.

The latest Bing Search feature might come as an alternative to Google’s experimental ‘Notes’ feature for the search results and articles on Discover, which lets users manually add notes with images and stickers for individual web pages and lets them share with others so they have an idea of what the website has to offer.


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