January 18, 2024

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‘Amitabh Bachchan never patronises his juniors, Shah Rukh’s confidence comes from his self assurance’: Taapsee Pannu | Bollywood News

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Taapsee Pannu, who was recently in Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Dunki, opened up about working the star and said that she was completely in awe of him when she worked with him in Rajkumar Hirani’s film. In a recent interview, Taapsee said that she was “lucky” that her number of shoot days on Dunki were the same as SRK and she “had all the time, over the span of two years, to spend with him.”

Taking about his stardom, Taapsee shared with Raj Shamani on his YouTube channel, “His confidence comes from self assurance. (He believes) ‘I know who I am, I know my strengths and weaknesses, I know what I can do. His self confidence, assurance, awareness aided by being well read, he is very well read. He will not make you feel like he has read so much but when you talk to him, you know that he has read a lot. His awareness of knowing that he is the best aided with the knowledge he has is the reason behind this superstardom.”

Taapsee praised Shah Rukh’s marketing skills and said that he is very well aware about using the tools around him to promote his own brand. “He uses different marketing or publicity tools for himself. Like if right now, boards and hoardings are used for marketing than I will buy boards and hoardings. After a few years, if people are used for marketing, then I will buy those people. So, basically trying to use whatever is the marketing tool,” she said.

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The Thappad actor also spoke about working with Amitabh Bachchan, with whom she has worked in films like Pink and Badla. She said that despite his seniority and experience, Big B never speaks in a patronising tone to his juniors. She said that working with him improved the level of her performance and she really enjoyed it. “There are a few actors who increase the level of your performance when you look into their eyes. You don’t get intimidated, at least I didn’t feel so. Looking into Mr Bachchan’s eyes and performing gave me a high and I really enjoyed it,” she said.

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Taapsee said that not just as an actor, even as a senior, he never made her feel like he knows more than her in any subject. “He will never make me feel like that he knows more than me. I mean forget being a legendary actor, he doesn’t even act like he knows more about life than me. He doesn’t speak to me like he belongs to an older generation. He talks to me like Abhishek would talk to me. Abhishek would joke with me during Manmarziyan that I know her as my father’s friend,” she said.

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