December 5, 2023

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Adopted shelter dog saves owner’s family after intruder tries to break into their home | Trending News

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A dog, which was adopted from a shelter by its owner, protected its family from an intruder, according to a viral post on X, formerly Twitter.

A US-based account called The Dalbo Dog (@Dalbodog), which posts about dogs, had shared the story of remarkable courage shown by the mutt. It said an intruder had tried breaking into a home through a window. The owners were in their bed when they heard the window shatter. Their dog, who was also with them, jumped off the bed and ran across the room.

The dog leapt through the broken window in pursuit of the intruder and chased him across the yard where he had apparently jumped the fence. When the dog returned, it was bleeding profusely from the back of its leg that got split on the broken glass on the window. The owners stayed up all night changing the dressings and containing the bleeding.

They live several hours from the nearest emergency vet and in the morning, they made it to the local vet. “We are so grateful for our brave doggie who likely protected us from someone awful. He was just a shelter dog, and we don’t even know what kind of dog he is, but he’s our best friend and protector. Adopt a dog, he might save your life!” the caption further said.

“Heart warming story. He saved you because you saved him,” a user commented. “Dogs are the best and I’m thankful you have one who protected you!!!” said another. “When I was a kid we had a German Shepherd who broke and jumped through a window to prevent a thief from stealing our car. His back leg forever had a huge scar. I still love that dog!” another person wrote.

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