August 17, 2023

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Abhishek Bachchan echoes wife Aishwarya Rai’s feelings about living with parents Amitabh-Jaya: ‘You need to be around for them’ | Bollywood News

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Abhishek Bachchan said that he has no qualms about living with his parents, legendary actors Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan. His comments echoed those made by his wife, Aishwarya Rai, years ago on David Letterman’s chat show in the US. Abhishek said that he is grateful for the time he is able to spend with his parents, especially as they grow old.

In an appearance on Raj Shamani’s podcast, Abhishek was asked about his take on Indians living with their folks even as adults. He said, “I get it. Society, culture, values, everything changes and adapts. In today’s fast-paced life, if you’re living in a city like Mumbai, you have very little time for family. I cannot think of not living with my parents, especially at the age at which they are now. My father’s 81, my mother’s 75.”

He added, “You want to be around them, you want to take care of them, if you can. Both my parents are thankfully very active and independent. But still, they’ve taken care of you when you weren’t able to take care of yourself, so you need to be around for them as well.”

Abhishek noted the silent ‘sacrifices’ that parents make for their children, and said that the ‘joint family system’ is a part of Indian culture. He said that it’s possible for their paths to not cross for weeks because everybody is so busy, but sometimes, all that parents need to know is that their children are living under the same roof. “I like that you have that one meal where everyone sits and talks… I’m so lucky that even at the age of 47, I get to enjoy both my parents,” he said.

In 2005, Aishwarya had appeared on Letterman’s show, where she was asked a question that many perceived as condescending. “Do you live with you parents, is that true? And, is it common in India for children to live with their parents?” He asked. She replied, “It is fine to live with your parents because it is also common in India that we don’t have to make appointments with our parents for dinner.”

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